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the combined works contained in the June, July, August, and September episodes of Miss Fittz.

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This graphic novel tells the story of an unlikely robot becomes the hero in granny's dull life when Granny is released from prison having served 30 years for killing the man who attacked her...and now,Peter Measure is all that stands between the rest of her life or death within.

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The photographic novel, Fallon & the Evil Deeds of Mrs. Quinn: Abused girl gets revenge on village elders: 250 page photo-graphic novel: Turn around is fair play when under the guise of national security, a young girl is sexually tortured until she teaches them that there's never good reason to abuse a child.

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Noah's Art: The original photographic novel is a memoir of fractured memories from 1969 about: the Vietnam Draft-WOODSTOCK-campus recruiting-drop-outs-backpacking Europe-Drug smuggling-Gun Running-Hash-Opium-Civil Unrest-Gay Uprising-under Cover REVOLUTION-cross-dressers-peepers-madams-crazies-love at first sight-drug lords-CIA-FBI-COPS-Hostage-Sacrifice